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Planning a perfect vacation in Sardinia sounds exciting but can also be overwhelming. Sardinia is a huge region so whether it’s your first time, second or tenth, there will always be something you haven’t seen or done.

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Image: Angela Corrias of Sardinia Revealed in Barumini as one of the places mentioned in the tailored Sardinia itineraries.

About Sardinia Revealed

Hello, I’m Angela Corrias, an Italian journalist and travel writer born and bred in Sardegna (Sardinia). After traveling extensively around the world and living overseas for over a decade, I felt a strong pull to return home to Italy.

This is how I embarked on the journey of creating the Sardinia Revealed travel blog, dedicated to showcasing the wonders of Sardinia to the world. Through my blog, I aim to provide readers with an authentic and immersive experience of Sardinia, sharing not only travel tips but also Sardinian food recipes and insights into the local culture.

Having spent most of my life in Italy, I have had the privilege of writing about my travel adventures for platforms such as Forbes, Global Times, Lonely Planet, and Fearlessly Italy travel website.

However, it was my deep connection to my birthplace and where I grew up that led me to create Sardinia Revealed, a detailed resource for all things Sardinian and a helping hand for travelers planning their dream trips.

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Best beaches in Sardinia

Best beaches in Sardinia

Winter is almost over and we are already thinking about our summer holidays. What is a better way to spend your warm season discovering and enjoying the best beaches in Sardinia?

While with so many things to do we have already said that a holiday in Sardinia shouldn’t be limited to its coastline, we can’t deny that in summer going to the beach is inevitable.

Whether you are with your family, with kids, a couple, or a group of friends, in Sardinia you will find fantastic beaches, bays, and sea resorts for every type of summer holiday.

Image: Is Sardinia Atlantis? Exploring this mysterious land.