How Many Days in Sardinia? – How Long for a Perfect Trip

Angela Corrias in Tharros Sardinia

Angela Corrias

How many days in Sardinia are enough to enjoy a perfect holiday? The short answer would be to plan at least a week in Sardinia to be able to see some and enjoy your time. But of course, if you can afford more time, I definitely suggest stretching your Sardinia trip to at least two weeks.

Sardinia is an island, but it’s a big one and can’t be seen in a day or two. If you really cannot stay more than a couple of days, then I would suggest having one base, exploring your city, and planning day trips from there.

If, on the other hand, you can stay longer, you will have the time to explore further and even arrange for different bases so that you can see more parts of the island.

For those who are wondering how many days in Sardinia they should stay, here I will give you a few options depending on how long you are planning to stay. So whether it’s a week or a month, you will have a rough idea of how to organize your vacation.

Image: San Giovanni di Sinis in Sardinia.

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4 days in Sardinia – Are they enough?

If 4 days are all you can afford in Sardinia, I suggest sticking to one city or town and exploring that area. So for example, if you arrive in Cagliari by ferry, you can book your hotel there and enjoy the city and southern Sardinia.

When you are done with the things to do and places to visit in Cagliari, you can explore the surroundings either by joining some tours or renting your own car and reaching other beaches or towns.

The same applies if you land in Olbia either by ferry or by plane, Porto Torres or Alghero. You can make an itinerary before arriving and explore the area where you are staying.

Image: Cooking in Sardinia.

What to do in 7 days in Sardinia

In my honest opinion, seven days is the minimum amount of time you can decide to spend in Sardinia. In a week, I reckon you will have the time to stay in two different areas. So, depending on the trip you wish to have, you can travel around the island and discover typical Sardinian towns, and beaches, and join a festival or two.

If you are visiting Italy for at least two weeks or even more and want to include some slow travel, places with fewer crowds and less touristy, consider a week in Sardinia. This way, you can enjoy a leg of your holiday relaxing while discovering the traditions of one of Italy’s lesser-known regions.

While seven days are enough to arrange two home bases, if you are a fan of slow travel like me, you would probably stick to one area and accommodation and from there organize local exploration and day trips.

The area of Cagliari alone has enough landmarks and monuments to keep you busy for way more than a week, and so are the fantastic Nuoro province, Alghero, Olbia, and the Gallura region.

Image: S'Archittu beach in Sardinia.

How many days in Sardinia? – Are 10 days enough?

Ten days in Sardinia allow you to take your time and enjoy a slow vacation where you can really alternate beach time and sightseeing. If you are going in winter or spring and it’s not warm enough to swim, you can enjoy local festivals, join tours and cooking classes, explore the different types of archaeological sites, and discover the local towns.

Ten days will give you time to arrange a base in two different locations. So if you are landing in Olbia, you can explore the surrounding area and then move down to enjoy the gorgeous coastline of the Orosei Gulf.

Alternatively, if you land in Cagliari, you can explore the city and southern Sardinia and then move more centrally to the area of Oristano to discover the beaches of the western coast as well as some towns inland.

Image: San Salvatore in Sardinia

How to spend two weeks in Sardinia

Two weeks is the minimum time I suggest planning for Sardinia because it’s enough to have a diverse holiday. In 14 days in Sardinia, you will have time to explore different areas, discover different traditions, join local festivals that take place pretty much all year round, and go sightseeing.

But most of all, you won’t be rushing from one place to the other. In two weeks, you can afford to enjoy a real holiday rather than a marathon and actually have the time to blend in with locals and ask them for advice on where to go, what to do, and where to eat.

Adding to that, you can enjoy a week in one area and a week on the other side of the island. So let’s say you land in Cagliari and you leave from Olbia or vice versa.

Image: Seneghe in Sardinia.

One month in Sardinia

Are you still wondering how many days in Sardinia you should plan? Well, a month in Sardinia is the dream of many. If you are staying for four weeks, I suggest drawing at least a rough itinerary leaving the room for changes and adaptation.

There are many ways to organize a month in Sardinia. You can book an apartment or villa and stick to one area for the whole month, or you can do northern Sardinia in the first two weeks and southern Sardinia in the last two weeks.

Whichever style of holiday you are choosing, remember that even though not a small island, in Sardinia you won’t find big traffic on the road so in one day, you can organize a trip also quite far from where you are based.

Moreover, house rentals in Sardinia are not too expensive, especially in the low season, so at the very least, you can rent a small B&B or house for one night.

The risk is that after a month of getting used to a quiet way of living, closer to nature, enjoying genuine food, and bonding with the friendly locals, you won’t want to leave anymore. If that’s the case, you can look for one of the many 1€ offers and settle down in Sardinia!


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